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The metaverse, an Eldorado for companies

The metavers the content of the website is very popular’ink in recent times. C’is that the’The idea of this coherent, totally virtual world in which we could interact in a complex way is not always easy’is no longer really at the stage of fantasy. If these are only embryos of metavers that are not yet fully developed, they are not yet a reality’Nowadays, the importance of’But today, the craze is already huge for the public as well as for companies.

Indeed, the latter see in the metaverse immense possibilities and the next step in the digital transformation of the economic world. By participating in the creation of’In the creation of a world, companies intend to infuse it with their messages while democratizing a new way of consuming digital objects that already exist in the world of video games. Analysis of the possibilities raised by the metaverse for a company like Nike.

If the metaverse is far away, the tools are already there

To be able to to walk in a virtual world, It will be necessary to put on instruments that work on our senses. Indeed, what distinguishes the metaverse from the virtual world is the fact that it is a virtual world’internet, it’is indeed the feeling of the’user. More’In fact, what distinguishes the metaverse from the real world is that it is not possible to use a screen or a mouse to navigate, but to walk, touch, talk, in short, to imitate our behavior in the real world.

For a long time, this possibility has been imagined in science fiction novels, but, today’Today, many of these tools are used by millions of people’and already used by millions of people, the metaverse is a new market that. If the virtual reality headset itself was a very uncommon accessory a few years ago, it is no longer the case’This is no longer the case today’Today. Indeed, the video game world, which is unanimously hailed as the laboratory and the pioneer field in terms of virtual reality, has been able to democratize the VR headset as well as augmented reality.

D’s already a playful digital world’organized in the world. With chat rooms, virtual reality poker games, or Pok√©mon Go, the worldwide success on mobile, which introduced augmented reality to the general public.

As many’successful experiments that have attracted large companies. For expose their brands, of course, but even more so for some.

Being part of the creation of worlds, a goal for companies

The metaverse is the’idea of’It is about the interconnection between the different virtual worlds to create a vast and homogeneous reality, in which all of us can participate’image of our own.

For the moment, the computing power of our computers is simply not enough to generate and keep such a volume of data over time. Small virtual worlds such as Roblox are thus born within the metaverse 1.0. C’is from’Moreover in this one that Nike has declared to create Nikeland, a virtual world that will be based on sports games, of course.

But the strategy of the brand is much more ambitious than that.

Indeed, at the’With the help of NFTs technology, the’company intends to sell virtual items to users’ avatars. Thus, it’is a new market that is emerging’opens to Nike. In addition to being able to sell very tangible clothes, their avowed objective is to succeed in doing the same thing in the virtual world.

A gain that’We can only measure as immense, so much the creation of a digital world’Digital clothing will, in itself, only be lines of binary code saved on a server.

The added value is therefore much higher than in reality, in addition to’be an extraordinary showcase for these brands.

A need for investment to create a viable metaverse

The metaverse is a technology that is currently far from viable’to be profitable. The group recently renamed Meta by Marck Zuckerberg is investing massively while declaring to be aware that it will be at a loss for the next few years. Roblox, another leader in virtual worlds, can boast of having almost 150 million users’monthly users, but is still losing money according to the’year 2020 with more than 250 million in the negative.

The technical prowess required to maintain these worlds with all the changes in the players takes up a lot of resources.

L’importance of brands

The companies specialized in metavers Therefore, they rely on brands to develop an economy in virtual worlds. L’The emergence of crypto-currencies as well as NTFs are very encouraging signs in this direction.

If the bet is big, companies can not only renew themselves and build a new customer relationship with this type of technology, but also, and above all, create a whole new market, potentially as big as the global market. The whole, being much more profitable since the emotions are not the same as the mind’it suppresses the transport of goods and the manufacture of material. A Nike subsidiary working exclusively on the metaverse will be able to create, distribute, sell and manage a whole collection in the same place. A market with’It is difficult to find other constraints, certainly, but much less important for the companies.

But above all, a virgin world that we are in’he s’acts to build up entirely.