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C’What is Net-Entreprises ?

The Net-Entreprises site was created in 2017. It is especially known in the world of independent workers. However, both private and public structures can also use it to make a correct social declaration.


That’Does Net-Entreprises ?

Many companies make their social declarations without respecting the rules in force. Some of them also entrust this task to agents. This can be done in the following waysaccountants, d’associations or even CGA (approved management centers).

To simplify the declarations and the payment of social security contributions, the realization of these operations by dematerialized way has been made possible. For this, it is sufficient to use the Net-Entreprises. The latter is available to companies and communities.

It is the same for their agents.

Contributions or social charges refer to the sums paid by employees, employers and self-employed workers to the Social Security or to private social protection organizations. It is about deductions from the gross salary aimed at financing social benefits such as :

  • Health insurance;
  • Unemployment Insurance;
  • The provident fund;
  • The retirement pensions ;
  • Family allowances ;
  • Compensation for occupational illness or injury;
  • Professional training, etc.

The social contributions due by the workers themselves are called payroll taxes. On the other hand, when they are paid by employers, these are employer charges. For employees attached to the general scheme, certain social contributions are compulsory, in particular :

  • The CSG (generalized social contribution) and the CRDS (contribution to the reimbursement of the social debt) ;
  • The basic old age insurance ;
  • The supplementary pension contributions, namely the CEG (contribution d’(generalized social contribution), the contribution of’technical balance (CET) and the complementary pension of private sector employees (Agirc-Arrco).

Why is this’registering on Net-Entreprises ?

Why register on Net-Entreprises ?

Net-Entreprises is a single point of entry for workers self-employed, to auto-entrepreneurs and various businesses to report and pay social security contributions securely. The process is free of charge.

Thanks to this site, it will be very easy for you tomake your declarations, and this, from any support (computer, tablet, smartphone). The platform will also give you the opportunity to access information on employers’ obligations, withholding tax, training account, etc. Moreover, it will allow you to question experts who will respond to you as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the registration on this site simplifies the sending of the monthly DSN (d├ęclaration sociale nominative). Replacing no less than 40 procedures, the latter aims to remove paperwork based on payroll data. Since 2017, it is mandatory for all private sector companies.

In the public sector, it will be fully implemented by 2022.

Please note that you can also access additional Urssaf services from the Net-Entreprises DSN dashboard. In addition, you can declare your turnover online on this platform.

How to contact Net-Entreprises ?

How to contact Net-Entreprises?

To benefit from Net-Entreprises services, you must first visit https://www.net-entreprises.fr/ in order to register. Once you arrive on the home page, click on ” Your account “. You will then be asked to provide :

  • Your identity (first and last name);
  • Your phone number ;
  • Your email address;
  • Your Siret identifier ;
  • A password.

When your registration is validated, click again on ” Your account “. You will then only have to press the ” ” button Connection “and re-enter the above-mentioned information to access your private space.

If you need help when registering, you can reach Net-Entreprises at 0 820 366 242. For any questions about the site’s teleservices, call 0 820 000 516. Finally, a hotline is dedicated to the DSN at 0 811 376 376.

In all cases, you will benefit from a assistance on weekdays from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Our opinion on Net-Entreprises

Our opinion on Net-Entreprises

Since its launch, Net-Entreprises has continued to to improve its services. On the site, the user experience has gradually improved. It remains intuitive, regardless of the medium you use to connect.

The platform has also been optimized to simplify the formalities related to the social declaration.

If you have already joined the site, you have certainly noticed that it has deployed various services with the vocation to you inform and to support. This includes the newsletter and the space for answering users’ questions.

Moreover, you can count on Net-Entreprises for reminds you of the periodicity you have defined to make your declarations. To avoid missing your deadlines and incurring penalties, please remember schedule alerts. Also make sure you keep copies of your monthly or quarterly declarations.

They will be useful to keep your accounting.

Finally, Net-Entreprises makes sure to classify and to archive all the declarations which are transmitted to it. In short, this is a practical platform that guarantees the simplification and security of all your social declarations.