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How to make a tiktok video ?

At its core, TikTok stands out for its concept of creating and sharing very short video clips. The platform has recently extended the maximum length of videos to give more freedom to content creators. That being said, the initial format has already established a unique spirit and dynamic for the social network.

You will have to adapt to the preferences and practices of this community.

An audience only on mobile !

The TikTok platform has been especially designed for mobile users, even though its videos are also accessible on computers. It is more practical on mobile, whether it is on the side of content creators or consumers. Thus, mobile connections represent the vast majority of traffic on the network.

You will have to favour the vertical format and optimize your content accordingly.

You have to think about the particularities of the framework, from writing to editing your videos. On the other hand, the mobile user is characterized by its high volatility and its lower attention span compared to the average Internet user. Indeed, they are used to swiping profiles and contents that do not interest them.

You must keep in mind the specificities of this audience when creating your videos.

Create original content

Originality is an asset on social media and in particular on TikTok. Moreover, the members of the network are not very sensitive to classic ads and to current publications on other platforms. You must create content that is both original and adapted to this channel. It is also a basic rule if you want to know how to make a living with TikTok .

In concrete terms, users will ignore your post if you simply reuse an Instagram story, for example. Swipes can have a significant impact on your future videos and your account. The algorithm actually notes recurring behaviors.

On this basis, it will not display your videos in the recommendations, even on an identical theme.

Get inspired by current trends !

You need to follow the current trends to gain visibility on TikTok. Indeed, users are often attracted by similar content. The Pour Toi page also promotes videos related to trends on the social network.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of and align yourself with the trends in order to attract the audience’s attention.

To identify the trends, you just have to hover over the contents that appear frequently in the FYP (For You Page). This is especially the case for official platform challenges and user-to-user challenges. In the first case, the network highlights videos in the Discovery tab.

The other challenges will appear in the FYP according to their referrals.

Be inspired by the trends in the US

Challenges are often ephemeral on TikTok. You must therefore be vigilant and reactive in order to follow the latest popular challenges on the social network. This way, people will still be receptive to your content when it is published.

There are also bonuses for the first videos that go viral on the same trend.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is quite interesting to be inspired by US trends. The United States are indeed the source of many challenges, memes and other fashionable phenomena on the platform. By focusing on American trends, you will increase your chances to go viral and increase your notoriety.

The virality of your content will grow your audience

On TikTok, the success of a video plays a decisive role in its appearance on the FYP. This recommendation will then allow to make the content viral and to reach a larger audience (outside your subscriber list). You will have the opportunity to increase the number of subscriptions to your account.

From a single viral video, you will be able to attract additional followers that will improve the audience of your future content. You will then increase your chances of going viral and further expand your community of subscribers. However, accessing the PYF requires good preparation and consistent videos.

The For You page is not inaccessible, even if you are just starting out.

Test, analyze and reproduce what works !

You need to pay attention to the quality of your TikTok videos, both technically and thematically. However, not all of your videos will necessarily be as successful as you had hoped. These counter-performances will nevertheless allow you to see how your audience reacts to certain types of content.

Now you have low benchmarks for your statistics.

At this stage, it is highly recommended to test new formulas, in terms of presentation or topics covered. The content does not have to be changed, if you deal with a theme that you care about. On the other hand, the form can always be improved.

Remember to analyze your scores after each test. All you have to do is reproduce the most popular formulas of your audience.

The first seconds of your TikTok are the most important

You need to pay special attention to the first few seconds of your TikTok video. The application is indeed appreciated for its format and its practicality. Like on dating apps, just swipe away uninteresting or unwanted content.

However, users rarely take more than ten seconds to decide.

Therefore, your video must be captivating from the very first seconds. The idea is to encourage the user to view the content until the end. In addition, the platform’s algorithm places great importance on the video’s completion rate.

The accumulation of swipes is thus penalizing for your account and your online visibility.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

Through your videos, you are necessarily addressing an audience, well defined or not. It is therefore important to anticipate the reaction of your audience. To do this, you must put yourself in the shoes of a person discovering the video. The user often has questions about his subject, his goal, his approach..

However, you have to distinguish them from practical questions such as “How to make a Live on TikTok ? “. Instead, you should ask yourself: “Is this video funny, moving, inspiring ? “or “What ? “. If you think “WTF ? “The video probably corresponds to the mindset of the social network and its community. You should only avoid reaching the uncomfortable WTF level.