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C’what is a stalker ? Meaning of stalker

Technology is an invaluable aid nowadays, this fact is undeniable, but there are situations that arise from its use, especially in relation to privacy and its relationship with social networks.

In this sense, many of’Some of us have surely heard the terms “Stalker” and “Stalkear”, words that are always linked to the Internet’invasion of the internet’privacy, but we do not know what is the true scope of their meaning.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon, in addition to’get advice on how not to be a victim of this type of harassment’If you’re a stalker, all you have to do is keep reading’article.

C’what is Stalkear ?

The word “Stalkeo”, or action of “Stalkear”, words that come from the distortion of the English term “Stalker”, whose closest meaning is stalker or stalker, and refers to the practice of monitoring through social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, the movements of’To do this, he or she uses certain tricks such as the use of a computer to monitor another user’access to the service where the person to be spied on posts, but with more than one person’other information’They can be used for identification purposes, for example with a name’user.

We can therefore say that’A “stalker” is a user who uses social networks to spy on or monitor others’If you need to intimidate other people by using the power bank’relative anonymity offered by the’Internet.

L’one of the main features of the device’A stalker or a stalker is a person who has been stalked’they often take their activity from the public’intimidation to other people’s website’That is to say that’They end up acting obsessively, which leads the stalking victim to come to know what’s going on, and thus begin to feel bad about it’comfortable, and even afraid.

In this sense, we must differentiate between the stalker who remains anonymous, and the stalker who is not’i.e. the one that constantly examines the posts that its victim makes in social networks, but without the victim being aware of what is going on, and the one that crosses this boundary.

In some cases, stalking can become a compulsive and obsessive disorder for some people, which can lead to stalking that ceases as soon as the victim is no longer a victim’be virtual to move to real life, c’This means that the stalker is no longer content to just stay in the room’s shadow’s anonymity and considers that’He or she must interact with the person who is being stalked’object of harassment.

In this way, the satlker can start harassing his victim with comments in each of his posts, which can even become aggressive and violent over time. But even the stalker can resort to stalking to’a real way, and thus exert an unwanted influence on the stalker’s life.

C’It is at this point that the victim is likely to begin to fear, as they begin to consider the possibilities that their stalker might cause them some sort of physical harm. C’This is why we must always consider how to deal with cyberbullying and stalking’The truth is that it is important to take action in situations of cyberbullying or stalking to avoid the risk of being victimized’he does not’act to’a real stalking.

It should be noted that’In general, in stalking, stalkers often use platforms such as social networks and email to carry out their plans, harassing their victims to the point of death’to what’they achieve their mission.

We are all stalkers.

Of course, the motivations that the’There are many reasons why users may have to start with this practice, and they are not always the same’They do not always have bad intentions. A stalker may seek to humiliate his or her victim in front of others, a case that often occurs between ex-partners.

When it’It is the end that the stalker is pursuing, usually at some point, he will leave one of the locations’s anonymity and will begin to attack his victim with different methods. Basically, a person can stalk his or her ex-partner on social networks by posting private information, very personal photos and can even take the victim’s life’identity of the victim to harm him or her.

However, despite the term’s strong meaning and scope, a user can be considered a “stalker” without actually being a stalker, as this term is also used in social networks to name many other types of harassment’spies and curious people.

From those who only want to know what their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is up to, to those who want to know what their ex-girlfriend is up to’If you are a direct stalker, there is a wide range of possibilities in the’The term stalking is used for all of these situations, but it only becomes a crime when the systematic stalking takes place and ends up doing real harm to the victim.

Can we say that we are all stalkers ? Have we ever been stalkers in our lives? ? The answer to these questions is that we have surely already stalked someone’one.

The truth is that’It is more than likely that’at some point in our lives as members of the’In a social network, we have reviewed the movements of stalkers’another user in order to get the information’The stalker can learn a little more about his or her present or past life from the photos and publications posted on the service.

However, it is important to clarify that this does not make us stalkers, since this action is currently considered something “normal”, and even companies use this resource as something daily to process a job application.

Well, it is important to point out that although we can all be considered stalkers, since we have already spent time spying on the online activities of stalkers, there is a wide range of possibilities in stalking’another person, the truth is that cyberbullying is considered a crime when’One person uses the Internet to cause direct harm to another person.

A clear example of cyberbullying occurs when’a stalker reaches the point of creating a website or a profile on a social network with the victim’s name, because in this case, it is a good idea to use the victim’s name’s theft act’identity.

Let’s keep it simple’It’s a good thing that those who offer to stalkearnos, through the use of the Internet, are able to do so’Internet theft today’Today can access all kinds of’personal information. Thanks to social networks, the stalker can know not only our name and our tastes, but also our date of birth, our routine and even our address and phone number.

The dangers of Stalkear

As we’As we have seen, “Stalkeo” can become a real crime, because sometimes stalkers do not care about the information they post’They don’t stop to know what other users are doing just for the sake of knowing what they are doing’They do, but they can become very dangerous.

In this case, it is stalkers who use this technique to obtain information’s life, for example, and to elaborate all kinds of’activities, such as creating fake profiles to discredit certain users or stealing information from them’identity, among many other illegal activities’among many other illegal activities.

Sometimes this type of stalker can become dangerous, so those who are victims is extremely important that in the certainty of being a victim of a stalker’It is important to keep in mind that those who offer to stalk you are not the only ones who are being stalked’a theft of’In order to avoid this type of stalking, the relevant report must be made immediately so that the justice system can act before it is too late’it is too late.

However, there is another side of the coin, and that is the stalker’It is in cases where we become temporary and anonymous stalkers to frequently review what we have learned’is the life of our ex for example.

This also involves certain dangers, although less dangerous, of course. For example, this’This is something that frequently happens to people who have stalked their ex on social networks because of the fact that they have been stalked’We are not aware of anyone who is anonymous and spies on their photos and publications, who at some point mistakenly click on the “phone number”’icon of the “I’Make sure you “like” one of the posts you’ve seen’it snoops.

But in addition, we must always keep in mind that we are not the only ones’mind that’when stalking your ex, you can find things that you don’t like or that make you feel bad, like seeing that your ex is not in a good mood’he has completely forgotten us.

Something worse can happen when we stalked our partner’s cell phone, for example by checking WhatsApp messages. Let’s keep in mind’mind that’we can find situations that our couple has kept secret, or even a love affair that we are victims of.

In the face of this, the only thing left to do is to find out who is the best person for the job’It is important to ask yourself the question: is it better to continue to ignore this type of situation, or is it better to know the truth so that you can act accordingly? ? The answer is unique to each person.

How to avoid stalking’be a victim of’a stalker ?

Many people believe that only famous people can suffer from this type of harassment called stalking. However, as we know, it is not necessary to do so’Before we saw, any common user can also be a victim of stalking’a stalker, mainly due to the lack of caution in posting a photo of us on social networks.

With the rise of self-portraits, self-portraits taken with a cell phone camera, hundreds of thousands of photos are circulating on Facebook and Twitter, some very intimate or with deliberate poses that can attract this type of people, and therefore start with the surveillance of our person.

Fortunately, this can be avoided, if you change some habits and follow some of the tips below:

Never publish your bank or credit card details. No data on the’It’s not just about the place where we live or work.
Before we’When posting a photo on a social network, review it carefully to make sure that it’s accurate’It does not contain any information that could be used to identify them’identify where we are or where we are going’Other personal data. Of course, we should not let the system automatically add the location of the stalker.
Take a close look at the permissions our contacts have to access information posted on social networks.
In the event that we are faced with the certain situation or suspicion that we are victims of’If you are a stalker, there are a number of guidelines to consider in order to take action against the stalker and thwart their plans.