With 5G, Samsung announces a new speed record

With 5G, Samsung announces a new speed record

The Korean manufacturer is a lover of novelty. After the foldable screen in 2019, it hopes to become the first on issues related to 5 G. On April 17, 2020, Samsung announced that it had broken a speed record on its 5G network with a connection reaching 8.5 Gbps (gigabit per second). Enough to download two two-hour movies in 1080p in just one second !

5G, a network full of promise

The South Korean manufacturer’s feat confirms what the new generation of mobile network has been promising consumers for several years now. This new network, which is expected to start rolling out in earnest as early as next year, will bring unprecedented performance, far beyond what fiber currently offers.

5G will pave the way for a new era of connectivity. 4G had opened mobile devices to the world of entertainment. At the time of its release, many consumers found their phone faster than their DSL connection and used it to watch their videos. With 5G, all our connections will become instantaneous.

What are the concrete applications to expect ?

Beyond the ability to download all kinds of files at unprecedented speeds, 5G will open the door to new uses. Such a fast connection will make entertainment more accessible than ever, but more importantly, it will connect all the world’s mobiles to billions of devices in cities.

For now, it is impossible to predict exactly all the possible applications, as some will be discovered in the coming years. On the other hand, the potential of 5G is quite feasible. Such speed in data exchange will make our cities and homes smart.

For example, cars will be able to drive themselves by connecting to all traffic lights and other cars.

A network still highly criticized

However, before revolutionizing our daily lives, 5G must face many criticisms. Many of its detractors question the real need to reach such a connection speed. Indeed, in a world like ours, being able to download two 4GB movies in one second may seem useless.

However, the interest of 5G lies precisely in the new world it will bring.

Indeed, our current world can be satisfied with 4G. However, 5G will also enable medical infrastructures to gain in performance, including allowing surgeons to operate remotely, hospitals to share their databases, experiments of unprecedented magnitude to be carried out around the world. In short, 5G is full of promises that should benefit the whole society.