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Monetize a video on YouTube: when to start ?

Every day, more than one billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube by users around the world. Relevant content contributes to its quality and the platform rewards it with a monetization system. It is possible to earn money with a video on YouTube.

You still need to meet several conditions.

Monetization on YouTube: how it works

For Monetize a video on YouTube, you must first join the YouTube Partner Program. One of the requirements for acceptance is that your YouTube channel must have at least 1,000 followers. In addition, it must have an accumulation of over 4,000 hours of video views in the last 12 months.

Revenue collection is also conditioned by the create an AdSense account. Once activated, it must be associated with your Google Account. From then on, you can activate monetization on YouTube. To do this:

  • Go to your YouTube account;
  • Access YouTube Studio ;
  • Click on ” Other features “then” Monetization ” ;
  • Accept the terms of the Partner Program;
  • Connect your AdSense account to your YouTube channel;
  • Determine your monetization choices.

After this step, you can start earning money from an advertiser’s ads on YouTube. Know that you will be paid according to the number of views on an advertisement. The remuneration on YouTube is based on the CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Varying according to the advertisers, it is on average 0.8 dollars per 1,000 views. Therefore, you will have to count from 10,000 views to receive a fair amount of money. Note that the number of likes obtained by a video does not influence the remuneration of a Youtuber. On the other hand, this indicator is taken into account by the algorithm of the YouTube platform for the improvement of traffic on the channel concerned.

Youtubers with high advertising revenues are those who have loyal and engaged followers. Indeed, in addition to the number of subscribers and views, the level of engagement of the audience is part of the factors on which their income depends. If you also want to federate a large community, you will need to regularly publish a video on YouTube.

In addition, it is crucial that the content of this video either relevant and attractive like the one from MGA Entertainment with its LOL Surprise doll.

Monetizing on YouTube: how it works

How to know if a video is monetized on YouTube ?

In recent years, it has become more difficult to monetize a video on YouTube. Indeed, the platform has hardened monetization criteria to fight against harmful content (incitement to hatred or violence, videos of a sexual nature, etc.).). In addition to the conditions regarding the number of subscribers and the viewing time for participate in the YouTube Partner Program, other rules must be respected. These include monetization, content and copyright.

Only YouTube channels that meet the eligibility criteria and comply with the guidelines set by the platform can access the monetization products.

To find out if a video can make money on YouTube, you should refer to themonetization icon. The latter appears when ads are activated. If you find the icon ” Currently being tested “It means that your video is being analyzed to determine if it is eligible for ads. It is recommended to wait until this verification is completed before posting a video to increase the potential revenue. When it ends, the monetization status will be revealed:

  • If your video is eligible to the majority of ads, an icon green will appear. It indicates that your video is monetized. It should be noted, however, that you may not receive the full amount of advertising revenue. A detention for infringement of human rights’incorrect authoring or traffic can indeed be applied;
  • If an icon yellow If a view is displayed, it means that the monetization is limited. This means that your video does not meet all the guidelines for content that is suitable for advertisers. Some of them may then have objected to having their ads shown in your video, which lowers the revenue potential. In this case, however, you can request that it be reviewed to change its monetization status;
  • If an icon red appears, your video is not not eligible monetization.

The monetization status of a video can still change after it has been published. The analysis of the information continues after the broadcast. Thus, icon sometimes changes from green to yellow.

How to know if a video is monetized on YouTube?

How is the number of views calculated on YouTube ?

The views that allow monetizing a video on YouTube are only counted if they meet the criteria set by the platform’s algorithms. A view can be defined as the time a user has spent watching a video. The counting of the views is done according to 3 criteria, namely

  • The viewing time. YouTube’s view counter is triggered after 30 seconds of video playback;
  • L’IP address. This identification number is specific to each device connected to the Internet. YouTube only counts one view for each IP address, regardless of how many people watched the video from the same device;
  • The cookies. These files, which leave a trace of the web browsing, allow YouTube not to take into account artificial views.

It should be noted that the automatic playback of YouTube videos is not counted in the views.

How are views calculated on YouTube?

Qu’Is demonetization on YouTube ?

The demonetization on YouTube refers to the suppression of revenues generated by a video. This sanction results from non-compliance with the monetization rules set up by the platform. It is most often caused by :

  • The distribution of content that violates copyrights ;
  • The use of a language other than that of the YouTube account in the videos published;
  • The use of foul language, insults as well as discriminatory, racist, sexist or inciting to violence contents;
  • The reuse of someone else’s video, unless this practice is justified by a solid reason (critical analysis for example);
  • Posting duplicate videos to the same YouTube channel.

Some Youtubers felt that the demonetization of their videos was not justified. Thus, the platform decided to test with a small group of videographers a procedure that would allow them to use. To contest the sanction, it is necessary to provide additional information on the channel and the content concerned.