How to choose the color of your iPhone 11

How to choose the color of your iPhone 11 ?

The iPhone 11 marked a turning point for Apple’s phone production, as it was the first time that a high-end phone from the brand was available in so many different colors. This has not happened since the iPhone 5C, a low-end model next to the more powerful iPhone 5S, but available in only three colors. The problem with all this choice is that it becomes difficult to decide.

White and black: the classic colors of Apple phones

White and black are the two most classic colors you’ll find, both from Apple and other manufacturers. Phones are very often black, just like laptops. Apple was the first to bring color to it.

For some periods, the Apple brand has played the card of sobriety by offering only black and white, sometimes a gray pulling more towards one or the other.

From the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, white and black were available. This was the case for almost all models with a few exceptions. When you choose one of these two colors, you are choosing a classic color. Nevertheless, a white phone is always more original than a black phone.

Take it if you like white or if you want to be discreet without being all things to all people.

The colors of the iPhone 11

If you want to choose the color of your iPhone 11, you must first know all the colors that are available. So the different colors available are :

  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Red

Purple: the new color of the iPhone 11

With this batch of iPhones, Apple wanted to revive its love of colors. Remember, the first iMac in the early 2000s was a huge success thanks to its transparent and colored plastic. For years after, Apple opted for more minimalist and less colorful designs.

For a few years now, the trend has been reversed and the latest iMac models of all colors are there to prove it.

The purple was presented as the new color of the iPhone 11. It had never been used on any other iPhone before and has not been used since. If you like rare products and this kind of small details, choose purple.

This pretty color will not please everyone, but it will make your phone one of the milestones in Apple’s history.

Green: another new color for iPhone 11

Green has already been used by Apple on an iPod model, but it was a very bright green, almost electric. With this light and pastel water green, Apple adopts the contemporary fashion of soft and comforting colors. This green was also presented as a new color of the iPhone 11 since it is currently not available anywhere else at Apple.

As for the purple, it allows you to give an additional historical value to your iPhone. Clearly, Apple wanted to please everyone with these two new colors, each associated with either the male or female. There’s something for everyone, especially if you like these kinds of anecdotal elements, but they make the history of this unique brand so special.

Yellow: the least popular color

Among all the colors that this iPhone 11 offers, yellow is probably the least popular of all. First of all, we have to admit that the overall rendering of the color is not very attractive. In any case, it goes against the grain of current fashion by offering a garish and flashy color, far from the pastel tones that are everywhere at the moment.

Secondly, yellow is not a very popular color in its brightest version. In the world of interior design or fashion, this is probably one of the least used colors. In fact, it often weighs too much and must therefore be reserved for a single piece of clothing or a single piece of furniture.

Even in this case, it is never its most garish version that is used.

If you want an iPhone that no one else has, to make sure you can find it easily, go for yellow.

Red: for iPhone 11 a little too flashy, which fights against the coronavirus

The red color of the iPhone is also very flashy, but it is more appreciated than yellow. It’s hard to know why, but red just seems to have a better reputation than yellow in the world of technology.

Above all, Apple has recently joined forces with the charity (RED) to fight against the coronavirus and fund research and the distribution of vaccine. This association has existed for over ten years and had already worked with the brand Celio. Its principle is simple: it partners with big brands and gets a percentage of all red products sold by that brand.

You want an iPhone 11 and you are tired of the coronavirus: buy a red iPhone !

iPhone 11 Pro: 4 trendy colors

If you are interested in the iPhone 11, you should also know that there is a model called iPhone 11 Pro. This model is a bit bigger and has a better camera. Its capacities are also more important (processor, memory, etc.).).

However, the iPhone 11 Pro is not available in the same colors. Here are those proposed by Apple :

  • Silver
  • Sidereal gray
  • Gold
  • Night green

Apple has released a unique color for the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max also had the right to their new colors. Colors that are really new. For the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s night green.

It’s a discreet and elegant color that will delight lovers of rarity who don’t like to be noticed.

What colors for the’iPhone 11 Pro Max ?

Finally, we should also mention the iPhone 11 Pro Max model. It’s identical to the iPhone 11 Pro, but it’s just bigger. Its colors are also identical to those of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Among all these iPhone 11 colors, it can be hard to know which one to choose. So you have to think hard about what each color can mean to you, but also in general.