The iPhone SE (2022) will be inspired by the iPhone 11 design

L’iPhone SE (2022) is going to’To be inspired by the design of the shop’iPhone 11

According to the latest rumors, the future iPhone SE should be inspired by the design of its predecessor, the iPhone 11. Something to intrigue smartphone lovers from the Apple giant. An overview of the latest speculations on the subject.

The design of the iPhone 11 will be taken over

For some time now, rumors about Apple products have been flourishing like mushrooms. And for good reason, even smartphones released in the past, for example, are still talked about through new models.

This is also the case with the Iphone 11, the 13th generation model of’Apple’s iPhone, which is still much talked about today. Presented alongside its high-end variants, the’iPhone 11 Pro and the’iPhone 11 Pro Max a few years ago, in 2019, this model has received a myriad of’praise from satisfied users since its debut.

Some professionals, such as Cokitec, still offer a large and varied catalog of custom iPhone 11. Enough to delight the fans of this model still appreciated nowadays.

Since last December, there have been many rumors about the success of its design, which, among other things, will be a source of inspiration for the iPhone SE scheduled for 2022. So, what is it really ? What is it?’Waiting for this promising model ?

The iPhone SE (2022) promises to be Apple’s best smartphone

Just like its predecessors, the iPhone SE looks promising, and for the lower budgets. This mid-range offers, in principle, 5G compatibility and the return of Touch ID. According to the most recent speculations, this new smartphone would borrow in addition to the design of the iPhone 11, an equipment of Face ID.

It should also be noted that each smartphone in the Apple range would be designed to reflect its generation. Logical, since the giant Apple wants to conquer more and more new users, especially young people who increasingly adore the products of the brand. While the very first iPhone SE refers to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone SE (2020) refers to the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE (2022) should refer to the iPhone 11.

It s’acts from there, d’a real marketing strategy implemented by the Apple brand.

Overall, the iPhone 11 has a modern design, much more innovative than its predecessor, the iPhone 8. Thus, it seems logical for Apple to draw inspiration from it. Other speculations about a design similar to the iPhone XR have been made in the world of telephony.

A15 Bionic chip for mid-range smartphones

According to other information, the Apple brand says that all mid-range smartphones will be equipped with a chip A15 Bionic. The latter is of’elsewhere present in the latest model, the iPhone 13.

The iPhone SE (2022) should therefore have one. However, the performance of mid-range smartphones is not as accomplished and powerful as the latest Apple smartphone model.

Among the characteristics of the iPhone SE, users should normally be able to find an LCD screen, a technology that may no longer be offered for future smartphones.

In short, this Apple smartphone, which is already the talk of the town, should be released in 2022, precisely in March-April. However, we will have to wait a little longer before we can enjoy this new device, which is compatible with a multitude of Apple products such as laptops, Bluetooth headphones and many others.

Generally, users of Apple products appreciate the ability to connect different devices together, including using Bluetooth or storing all sorts of files (applications, music, photos, calendars, address books, etc.)’addresses, documents, etc.) on Apple’s servers’iCloud.