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How to succeed’opening a new outlet’a new point of sale ?

The main desire of any entrepreneur is to run a successful business. After all the effort and resources put into the survey, it is best to œIn order to attract and retain your customers, you have succeeded in establishing yourself in your sector. Due to the success of your business and customer demand, you are considering opening a new store’to open a new point of sale. How to keep your usual pace and even improve your business ? How to succeed in the opening’You should also remember to ask different types of questions in order to get the most out of your new outlet ?

Opening of the survey’The main feature of the report will be to convince the decision-maker of the opening of a new point of sale: prepare your project

Even if your first store is successful, there is no guarantee that your second store will be. Therefore, it is essential to prepare your project well in advance. Conduct a market study, especially if you want to open your outlet in another city.

You must be sure that your idea will be well received by the inhabitants of the town in which you wish to settle. Even if you have clients in the city who have requested your visit, this step is essential. It is’act to’You have a new market to conquer, so you will have to put an effective strategy in place to reach it œThe next step in creating a survey object to get the most out of your work.

To the’s decision-maker’How to succeed in the opening, opt for the’sending multiple text messages

For acquire new customers and build loyalty, you must develop an effective marketing plan. You know the classic promotion methods like distributing flyers in the street and in mailboxes, the’use of posters, online advertising. S’It is true that there is no shortage of ways to make yourself known, you must select the most relevant ones to give yourself the best chance of successôte.

Therefore, focus on the’sending multiple SMS messages to reach your prospects and customers. Indeed, at the’Today, most consumers own a cell phone and are accustomed to receiving text messages. This mode of communication therefore has a potential that’It would be a shame not to take advantage of the launch of your new store.

The multiple SMS refers to the’sending of’You can send a large number of messages to mobile numbers. The objectives of this multiple mailing are various and varied. Businesses use it to :

  • send alerts,
  • to send reminders,
  • Send out thank-you messages,
  • communicate and inform customers.

C’It is precisely in this context that you should use a multiple SMS campaign: to inform the public of the’The opening of your new point of sale, and for the’encourage them to visit your new store to discover your products.

Multiple SMS has many benefits. The rate of’The opening rate of messages is much higher than that of emails. So you have the’ensuring that prospects will receive and read your information. Even better, multiple SMS can be tracked and allow you to send a large number of messages to different mobile numbers’To get the exact data to calculate the ROI of your company’s efforts, you will need to know.

To finish, it is’acts of’an economical solution, customizable and easy to implement œwork.

campaign to send SMS to open a new store

Choose the location of your new outlet

The choice of your premises and its location are elements that will impact the success of your business. In the’Ideally, you should choose a store located in the city center, in a shopping mall or in a busy street. However, if you don’t find such a location, everything will be lost’is not lost.

The most important thing for your business to succeed is to have the right furniture’be close to your customers. So don’t just bet on downtown. Your point of sale can very well be located in the vicinity and be as successful as it should be’it deserves.

In order to select the right location, you will also have to consider the area you will need to choose the district. The rental price of the store will also affect your decision.

Evaluate the human and material needs for the launch of your store

In addition to the choice of location, you will also need to acquire the ideal furniture for your shop’design of your point of sale. The type of furniture that will be in your store will depend largely on the nature of your business, and the type of products you sell.

Then, evaluate your staffing needs. Depending on the surface of the point of sale, the opening hours and the time of day, you will be able to reach a large number of customers’If you are not sure of the size of the opening and the profiles you are looking for, you can put out a call for applications. You must, of course, include all these costs (staff salaries, rental of the sales outlet, additional costs, etc.) in your marketing plan.) in the budget needed to launch the store.