Is eco-responsible packaging likely to become the norm in the future?

Should the eco-responsible packaging become the norm in the’future ?

Packaging is essential in many sectors of activity, as it allows both the transport of commercialized products and their protection. However, they can be the source of a colossal amount of waste. At a time when reducing their ecological footprint has become a major issue for companies, it is in their best interest to opt for eco-responsible packaging.

Qu’is an eco-responsible packaging ?

For be qualified as eco-responsible, a packaging must meet several criteria. First of all, it is a biodegradable packaging. In concrete terms, it must be able to decompose quickly in the environment without causing pollution.

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In addition, the eco-responsible packaging is recyclable. However, recycling implies energy consumption, particularly for the operation of the factories and the transportation of the used packaging. Ideally, it should be made with renewable energy, but this type of recycling is not yet common.

Beyond their recyclability, packaging must be sustainable to be eco-responsible. In practice, they must be reusable. Of course, it is possible to reuse plastic bags. That said, they will inevitably tear and will end up in the garbage.

They may end up in the oceans, which are already very polluted by plastic materials. The eco-responsible packaging are an excellent alternative, because their reuse is entirely possible.

The kraft paper bags are the most widespread ecological packaging. They can be used to package food products as well as take-away sales or even light objects. As for the packaging of heavy and bulky objects, it can be done with cardboard packaging. The latter have the advantage of being able to be reused as you wish. For example, they can to store objects.

If the cardboard boxes are particularly resistant, they can be transformed into furniture.

What is environmentally responsible packaging?

How to make packaging that is both safe and biodegradable ?

The manufacture of a eco-responsible packaging starts with the choice of material. It can be :

  • From kraft paper. This material is made from softwood and is known to be very resistant;
  • From cardboard. This material is made from cellulose pulp or recycled paper and is approximately 80% biodegradable;
  • From recycled and biodegradable plastic. This material can replace the traditional plastic obtained from oil;
  • From biosourced materials. These are obtained from renewable raw materials from biomass such as corn starch, algae, etc.

The material can then be printed. It is also cut to the desired size and glued. Very little ink, glue and adhesives are used in the manufacture of ecological packaging. These elements make packaging difficult to recycle.

Their presence allows us to distinguish traditional packaging from those that are eco-responsible. Note that the latter prefer the binders of plant origin.

Do not hesitate to look for information on the manufacturing of the packaging you are interested in to be sure to select one that is truly eco-responsible. To do this, you can Go to the manufacturers’ website or contact a consultant directly.

How to make a packaging that is both safe and biodegradable?

Eco-responsible packaging: a turnaround that every responsible brand must take

The consumers are becoming more and more eco-friendly environmental concerns. To offer them a eco-responsible packaging is a good solution to meet this. Similarly, it is wise to use sustainable materials for in-store displays.

A study reveals that the reusability, recyclability and biodegradability of an influences the purchasing decisions of more than 50% of consumers worldwide. In other words, eco-responsible packaging can increase the turnover of companies. In this context, the adoption of this type of packaging has become a necessity for those.

On the other hand, choosing ecological containers allows a company to to reflect an eco-responsible brand image and show that they are conveys values based on sustainable development. In this way, it will succeed in creating a strong link with environmentally conscious consumers. It will be able consequently to improve the communication with its customers by serving the convictions of the latter.

In short, eco-responsible packaging solutions can contribute to both customer acquisition and customer loyalty.