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Monster Messenger: everything you need to know about this app

D’after Monster Messenger, 60% of 11 and 12 year olds registered on social networks have a Snapchat account. However, the networks are forbidden to children under 13 years old to ensure the safety of the youngest. With children especially connected, it is difficult to’ban the’access to the networks.

It is therefore necessary to’Opt for a child-friendly solution like Monster Messenger.

What’does Monster Messenger ?

Monster Messenger is an application of chat a bit like What’app, but dedicated to children. It allows to’send instant messages, stickers, emojis, photos, etc. It is also possible to use the’send voice messages.

It is among the best messaging applications for children.

In addition, this app offers a “friend” who can’calls Betty and that makes young children aware of the risks associated with online discussion. With Monster Messenger, your child will in no way be contacted or get in touch with strangers and c’This is its main advantage.

How does this child-friendly application work? ?

Monster Messenger is compatible with Android and iOs. This app s’address children who are beginning to demand a digital communication channel from 7 years old. L’interface is intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

Parents have to download Monster Messenger on their smartphone or tablet, then manage the contact list themselves.

With this application, children cannot make a request for an email address’friend or accept one without the’parental consent. In this way, it is not necessary to send a picture’there is no risk of young people getting in touch with strangers. For children under 13 years old, the’one of the parents must create a personal account before using the Internet’What parents are worried about is that their child will not be able to chat with their friends.

How safe is Monster Messenger? ?

How safe is Monster Messenger?

What worries parents is that there is no risk of’It is not the fact that their children are chatting online with their friends. The fear comes from the fact that on the Internet, no one is allowed to use instant messaging’s parents must agree that anyone can contact their children and at 7 years of age they can only chat with their parents’to 14 years old, young people don’t realize the danger that it represents.

On Monster Messenger, the parent referral receives a notification when a child is in the middle of a conversation’contact invites the’child. In addition, the parent can block or report a contact in case of an important dispute (insult, disrespect, harassment, etc.). The Community Manager of the’On Monster Messenger, the app will be warned and can ban any reported user who behaves inappropriately.

To create an email address for your child, turn to Mailo Junior.

Children remain free to chat with their friends, under parental supervision. This system allows filter contacts thanks to the notifications. Thus, the’The child remains in a secure communication zone, as he/she cannot chat with strangers.

Children are happy to gain autonomy and parents are reassured.

The advantages of this application for children

The advantages of this application for children

Monster Messenger has various advantages. For example, two classmates chatting via this app will create a different relationship. Indeed, via the web, some barriers fall and we can get closer, make confidences.

Parents can also chat with their children when they are in the middle of a conversation’they are’absent. A secure chat app is therefore also a means of communication for parents and children.

Finally, using an app like Monster Messenger allows you to discuss some points about digital communication such as’Initiating instant messaging. Of course, it is better to’Finally, using an app like Monster Messenger allows you to address certain points concerning digital communication such as

  • the respect To explain to children that’It is important to use instant messaging in a healthy way and not to be critical of others, as they are not aware of the danger’It is important to respect others and the environment (avoid the use of the phone)’send photos from home, etc.);
  • the right to privacy’This way, it is not necessary to send a picture: you send funny or neutral pictures, but in no case pictures of other people’other people without their consent nor photos of yourself undressed.

However, there is a more or less negative point: children who start chatting on an instant messenger will usually become fixated on it and be hyper-connected. C’is why it is important to set rules such as giving time to be productive’access to the’apply (e.g., 15 minutes a day on weekdays and twice 15 minutes a day on weekends).

Finally, to limit the’If you are not sure if your children are “obsessed” with the app, it is better to turn off notifications. In addition, explain to your child that’It is best to write messages and send them to a friend’Avoidance of distractions’use voice messages for the comfort of the whole family, but also for the sake of the family’they can improve their spelling.