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How to choose the right color for the brand or the’our company’s image ?

The mastery of color psychology is crucial to build its brand image. Choosing the right color for your business is critical because colors can influence the perception of your business. The choice will have to take into account different factors, including the target and the message to be transmitted.

Which color for my company ?

What color for my company?

The color is a a key element of a company’s visual identity. In addition to having a strong emotional value, it attracts attention and conveys a message in the collective unconscious. Its choice should not be left to chance.

To determine the choice of colors for your company, you must first and foremost determine the meaning of each color define your target. For example, if your audience is mostly children, purple is the right color for you. Studies show that it is the favorite color of this category of population.

Next, Identify your brand’s direction the color yellow is the basis of their graphic identity: feminine or masculine, traditional or modern, luxury or cheap ? If your company offers affordable products or services, use the color orange. In the opposite case, the color code in marketing advocates black.

Finally, take a look at the competition. You can then decide whether to conform to the established standard or to stand out by choosing a color that has never been used in your industry.

What is the meaning of each color ?

What is the significance of each color?

Each color has its own meaning. In addition, some colors are closely linked to specific professional sectors. It is thus necessary to master the color code in marketing to define and assert your identity.

The blue is one of the primary colors. It is associated with calm, tranquility, confidence, responsibility and intelligence. This soothing shade is mostly used in the finance, business management and technology.

The white symbolizes goodness, innocence, purity, virginity and perfection. This color is particularly suitable for charitable organizations. It is also appropriate for hospitals and health professionals.

Referring to the sun, the yellow embodies joy and happiness. It is suitable for promoting products for children or related to leisure. On the other hand, it is not advisable to associate the color yellow with expensive products intended for men.

The latter find it very casual.

In the color code in marketing, the red has an erotic connotation and is especially used for the promotion of your company suggestive visual communication. The Rolling Stones’ language logo is a perfect example. The color red also represents energy.

This makes it suitable for advertising energy drinks and sports activities.

Resulting from the association of the warm colors red and yellow, the orange is ideal to communicate with a young target.

How to choose the color of your logo ?

How to choose the color of your logo?

A good logo is important for brands and companies. Indeed, this element is the basis of their graphic identity. Thus, both its color and its shape must be carefully chosen.

To define the color of your corporate logo, refer again to the different meanings of the colors:

  • The green color represents nature, harmony and renewal. It is recommended if you work in the field of organic, outdoor, sustainable development, wellness, etc. ;
  • Girly as can be, the color pink It is most often aimed at an exclusively female clientele. It is thus particularly adapted to the sector of the beauty ;
  • Evoking spirituality and mystery, but also luxury, the purple is perfect for an activity that deals with the meditation, clairvoyance, jewelry, books, perfumes, etc. ;
  • The black embodies elegance, sobriety and power, but also grief. This color is prized by companies that offer luxury products. It is also widely used in the funeral industry;
  • The brown symbolizes earth, wood and nature. It also conveys authenticity. This color and its shades are ideal for highlighting the traditional side of an activity ;
  • Reflecting joy, diversity, creativity and optimism, the multicolor is recommended for any company that wants to be more efficiente differentiate from the competition.

Learn more about this topic by learning what color and shape of’a logo say to’a company. On the other hand, if you are concerned about choosing the wrong color for your logo or your graphic design in general, seek a professional. You can easily find graphic designers who will help you make the best choice.