The customized packaging an underestimated marketing tool

Personalized packaging: an underestimated marketing tool ?

Beyond its function of transporting and protecting its contents, personalized packaging is a powerful marketing tool. It allows a company to create value with consumers, to highlight its brand image and to increase sales. You don’t yet realize the potential of custom packaging ? This article should change your mind.

Why use personalized packaging? ?

By integrating thepersonalized packaging into your marketing strategy, you can considerably increase your company’s visibility. Indeed, this solution represents a indirect advertising as the people who use your custom packaging help spread the word about your brand. When they see the box, carton or bag with your logo, they may want to know more about your company.

In other words, this type of packaging contributes to attract potential customers, especially since the audience it can reach is very large.

Personalizing your packaging also has the advantage of promote the loyalty of existing customers. By offering your products in custom-made packaging, you will improve the customer experience. Indeed, consumers like to receive the products they have purchased in an aesthetic packaging.

Thus seduced, they will be more inclined to come back to you.

It should also be noted that personalized packaging is affordable. Printing personalized packaging is generally not very expensive. Moreover, degressive rates are often applied on the order from a certain quantity.

In addition, package printing offers a multitude of opportunities for personalization. By choosing an original packaging with your company colors, you can to distinguish you from the competition.

Why use customized packaging?

How to choose them well ?

Your personalized packaging must be consistent with your brand image. The material of the packaging is the first element to take into account to make your choice. You are an eco-responsible company ? It is quite natural that you will turn to boxes, cartons and bags made of kraft paper, fabric or even burlap.

It is also important to choose a packaging that fits your target. For example, if your products are intended for a prestigious clientele, it will be necessary to pack them in luxury packaging. You are essentially addressing a clientele composed of children ? Opt for packaging with a playful design.

The size The choice of the box, carton or bag is another important criterion. It must be chosen according to the products you offer. Since the packaging is made to measure, all you have to do is tell the manufacturer the length, width and height that meet your needs.

Finally, determine the type of printing adapted to your objectives and suitable for your company brand image. As an illustration, if you aspire to high-end packaging, offset printing is the technique you should turn to. Do not hesitate to ask the professional to whom you have entrusted the design of your personalized packaging to guide you so that they perfectly meet your expectations.

How to choose them ?

An underestimated marketing tool ?

Many companies don’t see the value of packaging their products in a custom-made box, carton or bag. For these, the function of the packaging is only practical, that is to say that it is essentially used to protect its contents.

Of course, the packaging must be able to preserve a product prevent stains, breakage, tearing, etc. That said, it can also be used very well for to showcase your business. By presenting your product in any kind of packaging, you won’t make your customer feel special.

On the other hand, a personalized packaging will show that you want to offer them the best right from the container.

The customer is bound to appreciate this proof of attention and their experience with your brand will leave them with a pleasant memory. As a result, thepersonalized packaging can be the element that encourages a consumer to buy your products again. What’s more, the customer may be so delighted with the experience that they will talk about your brand to others.

In other words, customizing your packaging is likely to be a big part of your gaming experience You can win new customers. The result is an increase in your sales.