How to choose your loan insurance

How to choose your loan insurance

A credit is a commitment’is at least what the’it is customary to’hear. Because when the’hen you have a credit, your lender expects you to pay your bills’to be reimbursed, with, of course, the interests, which the’We call it the’wear and tear. However, when we are faced with a loan that is not covered by insurance, we are not sure of our chances’spread over a long period, as it can be the case for a real estate loan, we can be confronted with certain hazards of the life which can prevent us from carrying out this refunding.

It can be’To act, for example, of’a serious accident depriving us of all work. In order to mitigate this risk, credit institutions, which are companies like any other, offer us, and often impose us, the subscription to an insurance.

L’insurance offered by the lender

If you have ever had to take one of these types of loans, you have probably already been confronted with this. Your interlocutor will ask you to subscribe to a loan insurance and will propose you one. What’It will undoubtedly sell, of course, the interest’moreover. This insurance will be, most of the time, one of his own products or the product of a third party’one of its partners. This contract should be adapted for you and for the loan you are going to take out.

But, however, if the lender can force you to take out this type of insurance, you have the right to choose’Insurance, refusing to lend you otherwise, know that’it n’The company has no legal right to force you to take this or that product: it would be an abuse of dominant position.

A choice that is up to you

You have, therefore, totally the possibility to refuse the insurance’You can choose to take out an equivalent insurance policy of your choice. The reasons can be multiple, for confidence in a company of the same name’insurance or for the price, in this second case n’Do not hesitate to call upon a comparator of’insurance.