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5 technology trends to watch in 2020

Technology is increasingly present in the business world’today’Today. Almost everywhere, technology is impacting the way we live our lives. It has made things much simpler and has automated tasks that used to take us a long time. It has also had a profound impact on the way we work, play and travel.

Technology is impacting a lot of people and is not likely to stop anytime soon. From one individual to another, technological progress can represent an opportunity or a threat. Let’s explore some of these technology trends and how they are shaping the world.

Trends to watch this year !

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is at the heart of today’s information technology’many of today’s tech trends. The main advantage of machine learning is that it’it allows the’s computer’learning as if it were human. Many industries have been transformed by machine learning: biology, chemistry, oil refining… and many others have benefited from current algorithms and data processing methods.

In the field of chemistry, for example, machine learning makes it easier to create new molecules. Chemists can use an algorithm that simulates quantum chemistry to figure out which bonds would work. Thanks to this method, many new materials and products have emerged. In biology too, machine learning has brought a lot in recent years.

Its main role is obviously to help find cures for new diseases, but also to develop new organisms in the laboratory. There are many machine learning programs in the pipeline’development for s’Tackling the biological challenges of tomorrow !

Automatic natural language processing

Automatic natural language processing is an offshoot of machine learning. Using algorithms similar to those used in electrical engineering for signal processing, you can process a stream of words. Speech processing has led to many new features on smartphones. Alexa from’Amazon and Apple’s Siri are two examples of voice recognition systems currently in use.

There are many algorithms to analyze speech and turn it into words. These technologies are helping to create a world where people don’t’people no longer have to use their 10 fingers for everything. As the technology evolves, we see more and more people getting connected’to use them to s’help themselves.

When robots are sufficiently developed, you can use this type of technology to control them. Cool no ?

Artificial intelligence

L’rtificial intelligence is the general field to which machine learning belongs. There have been many new developments that help companies turn their websites and applications into intelligent agents. For example, e-commerce websites are adding “smart” bots that are able to conduct real conversations with the’end user.

At the moment, the main role of artificial intelligence is to simulate the relationship with a customer or a prospect. So we are still in the early stages of artificial intelligence !

The Internet of Things

L’The Internet of Things is another big trend at the moment. It has taken connectivity to a whole new level. There are all sorts of everyday objects that are now capable of connecting to the internet, ranging from your car to your fridge ! Beyond the gadget aspect, for many connected objects it allows them to be more intelligent and more functional.

Connected objects aim to help people live a better life by doing as many trivial and time-consuming tasks as possible for them.

Cyber security

With all these connected technologies, the biggest danger in our world today is cyber security. When everything is connected, it’s much easier to understand what’s going on’be hacked. We are now entering an era where even your car can be hacked, and why not thrown away?’a cliff.

C’is frightening for many people, and it’s not easy’is something that will continue to evolve over time.

Technology is changing the way we live. We need to adapt and make the most of it. But it is crucial to remain vigilant, as more connectivity often means more opportunities for hacking ! Technology is here to stay, so we must continue to tame it.