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Self-employment and organization: how to be productive ?

Êbe productive n’It is not always éThe advantages of this application for children are’we work from home. Distractions, procrastination, doing a lot of tâs differenté à These are all things that are a hindrance to the use of your equipment’s organization’self-employed contractor. You’re going to be at the top of its gameéIn this article, we’ll cover two major trendsécomplementary methodsés time to be productiveé.


Êto be multi-tâs probleménéUsually one argument than the other’is put forward to praise its versatility. However, êBeing too multi-skilled can quickly turn into a waste of time’avérer êIt can be a barrier à l’advanceée of your work. It is good then to have differentés versatility in terms of skills and knowledgeéThe technology that punctuates our daily lives is the one that is most important to usée.

The problemèThe same method with self-employed entrepreneurs is the one that is most effective’to have the’s mind clutteredé d’idées that flow. At the end of the dayéfrustration can set in. We s’is such a good thing éparpillés in our work that the’one has the’feeling that you have hardly made any progressé.

C’It is in this case that the batching is interestingéressing. L’objective of this méThe method is to focus on one big taskâto learn how to do itôt that many. So, you spend your time with your family and friendsès afternoon à a taskâand à At the end of this one you see véIt’s a long way to go.

In addition to making you more productiveé, This is usually an argument that theéIt allows you to gain in esteem. As a’ auto-entrepreneur , the’tion is very importantès important because if we lose our motivation to work, we will not be able to do itégrowîand our efficiencyé to work with.

The méthode Pomodoro

Focusing on a tâIt’s a good thingéjà a good thing. However, for this to be fully effective you need to learn how to do it à décut your time schedule. We’re back to the basics with Audemars Piguet watches to time youécheck.

C’is the’idés need to move forwardéPomodoro method: s’invest à You’ll have to work at full capacity for a while, then take breaks so you don’t lose efficiencyé and s’aés productivity’mind.

Breaks are very importantèThe problem is that technology is important in your organization and yet is often overlookedéletéby self-employed entrepreneurs. You don’t have to concentrate for four hours on a project without taking a break. In any caseçons, you will not be able to êbe à 100% for four hours.

We have to take into account our multi-tasking capabilitiesés and our need to be relaxedéto connect and then leave again.
A l’reverse, make a éA standard break for a single hour of work is counterproductive. Your brain is not’s no time to’amassing enough focus to êYou will be at the maximum of its capacitiesés. The key is therefore in managing your time.