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End of’Hadopi: say hello to the’ARCOM

It is common for Internet users to download a series, a movie or music. Illegal downloads and piracy are however condemned by Hadopi (High authority for the dissemination of works and protection of rights on the Internet). The reform of the audiovisual sector provides for the disappearance of this institution and its replacement by a new structure.

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What are the consequences of illegal downloading ?

What are the consequences of illegal downloading?

The illegal downloading is a real plague in France. The field of the sport particularly suffers. A Hadopi study published in December 2020 shows that approximately 12 billion French Internet users illegally consume audiovisual and sports content.

Could this phenomenon be linked to the growing craze for sports betting? ? In any case, it is at the origin of a loss of earnings of one billion euros for the sectors that are victims of it.

The illegal downloading is equated to the counterfeiting. This offence is punishable by 300,000 euro fine as well as 3 years of imprisonment. However, only the most serious cases are punishable by a criminal penalty.

In most cases, an offender will receive a warning on the part of Hadopi. If he continues to download illegally, the authority can initiating a reporting procedure against him. This is likely to lead to legal proceedings.

The pirate risks a fine of up to 1,500 euros for characterized negligence.

It should be noted that downloading content from illegal sites exposes the offender to a internet connection cut-off previously. However, this sanction no longer applies since 2013.

Does Hadopi still exist? ?

Does Hadopi still exist?

Hadopi was born in 2009, a period marked by an important practice of peer-to-peer (P2P). The main mission of this independent administrative authority is to protect copyright online. It is also responsible for raising awareness of responsible Internet use.

Over the years, Internet users’ habits have evolved, making the methods used by Hadopi to fight piracy obsolete. The effectiveness of the authority is thus questioned. Be aware that the fines it has imposed on pirates since 2011 have totaled only 87,000 euros.

However, the state has spent 82 million’euros to make this structure work since its establishment.

In June 2021, the National Assembly validated the bill on the regulation and protection of the’access to cultural works on the Internet’digital era. This text, which has already been adopted by the senators, aims at abolishing the anti-piracy authority. The end of’Hadopi is intended to February 2022.

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Qu’Is the’Arcom ?

What is the Arcom?

The end of’Hadopi signs the creation of Arcom (Authority of regulation of the audiovisual and digital communication). More specifically, this new entity will result from the Merger of Hadopi and the CSA (Conseil supĂ©rieur de l’audiovisual).

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In this context, Arcom will to regulate platforms to fight, among other things, against the manipulation of information. With regard to the repression of piracy and the fight against illicit sites, the powers of the authority will be strengthened.

It should be noted that the end of’Hadopi does not mean that of the graduated response. This is the device that consists of sending warnings to people who download content illegally. Concretely, they will receive a first warning when they commit an infraction.

In case of a repeat offence, they will be issued a second warning. If this procedure fails, the case will be transmitted to the judicial authority. The fine incurred by offenders is 1,500 euros.